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Own your comfort with the Thermaband® Zone


Your Body. Your Zone.™

Temperature is personal.
The Zone is a smart wearable thermostat that provides personalized heating/cooling.

Automated Device Activation

The world's first wrist-wearable that detects body temperature change and activates accordingly

Mind Body Response

Safely changes your perception of temperature through providing cooling or heating sensations

Natural and Safe

Non-invasive remedy to mitigate thermal discomfort (feeling uncomfortably cool or warm relative to others)

Personalized Digital Health insights

Device sensors track key signals, empowering you to understand your body through the mobile app

Sleep peacefully,
no more uncomfortable night sweats

Goodbye, helpless discomfort.
Hello, ideal comfort zone.

You deserve to feel comfortable, without worrying about hot flashes or chills!
The Thermaband® Zone device leverages science through localized heating and cooling on the wrist to provide holistic comfort.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We’re progressing quickly along the product development and testing phases and have been reaching out for requests to try prototypes. If you’d like to be the first to know, subscribe to our mailing list for updates!

Science shows warming or cooling your inner wrist can improve your overall thermal comfort. Localized heating and cooling on one area of your body changes your perception of temperature if you’re feeling uncomfortably warm or cold, not necessarily your core body’s temperature. The temperature sensitive nerves send signals to the brain, which translate the thermal sensations to your automatic nervous system.

No, at this point we’re accepting pre-orders to provide early access to our customers. We’re working with our manufacturers to finalize production and testing. If you’d like to be the first to know when we launch, subscribe to our mailing list for updates!

Once the device is launched, you’ll be able to download the ThermaBand app on your smartphone to understand your body in more detail than ever before.

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