5 menopause triggers in your daily life

It’s the wintertime, and you’re still hot! We know all about it. We hate to say it, but some of these things might be causing flare-ups and making you hotter than you want to be. 

  • Alcohol

  • Ever notice that you leave bunco night with the ladies in desperate need of a change of clothes? Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to an increased risk of hot flashes and other menopause symptoms. The relationship between alcohol and hot flashes still needs more research. Some studies show that excessive alcohol use leads to increased blood flow causing alcohol drinkers to feel warm eventually triggering hot flashes. However, here comes the good news, some research shows that moderate occasional wine consumption helps relieve menopause symptoms. The takeaway? A few glasses of wine a week could help, but it’s best to not overdo


    Drinking large wine glass wearing Thermaband device for cooling relief

  • Sugar 

    As our hormones change during menopause, our bodies’ insulin resistance increases. This makes it harder for our bodies to manage blood sugar. Eating sugar drastically increases blood sugar levels kicking menopause symptoms, especially hot flashes, into high gear.

    Stabbing piece of cake which is a trigger for menopausal symptoms



  • Caffeine

    Caffeine is a known aggravator of menopause symptoms due to how it increases our bodies’ heart rate. An increased heart rate can lead to an increase in blood flow as well, causing hot flashes and night sweats. If you notice a spike in menopause symptoms after one or more cups of coffee, it might be worth switching to decaf, tea, or eliminating caffeine altogether. 

    I think I've had too much coffee gif


  • Spicy Foods

    Studies have shown that intake of spicy foods causes vasodilation of blood vessels which–you guessed it!– leads to increased blood flow. Watch for how your body responds the next time you have spicy foods and perhaps keep a food journal to keep track of exactly what spicy foods hit you the hardest. Once you know, you can try and be more prepared if there is a spicy food you love. Have your relief plan ahead of your meal and you’ll feel more in control of your body’s response.

    Eating spicy foods


  • Fast Food 

    Fast foods that are highly processed and high in carbohydrates will cause an increase in weight gain for any person, but especially during menopause. An increase in body fat can lead to calories not being processed the way they should in order to maintain blood sugar levels.

    Eating fast food, shrugs since she knows that its a menopausal symptom but is wearing her Thermaband Zone device

    The more you know about hot flash triggers, the cooler you can be, right? We wish! Life happens and sometimes, no matter what precautions you take and what strategies you have, there needs to be a portable and discreet solution you can rely on. 

    The Zone provides hot and cool sensations on the wrist to give you that relief, automatically. Our mission is for you to get some of your life back and to feel free to go and do the things you love once again. 








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